Future ageing lab

The FutureAging Lab at Beijing design week 2017 aims to discover some issues and opportunities for ageing people in Beijing.
People can create a vision for inclusive design for a future that will have a positive impact for all.
Designing for inclusion centres on building empathy for peoples day to day experiences by understanding their perspectives.
This exhibition brings together all people to activate new perspectives on empathy. People can experience active empathy to imagine how design can play a role in the future of ageing. Reflection on our collective visions can give
insight into what design for an inclusive future might look like. As everyone will grow old, we all play a role in developing products, services, experiences and interactions that enable everyone to be able to participate in society and their environment.

This exhibition showcases research and a range of product and service solutions that respond to issues for the ageing in the four key themes healthcare, living environments, transport and food. The public is invited to step into the shoes of the elderly and experience a range of physical, visual and audible difficulties that are faced on a daily basis accompanied by guided workshops
enabling value based design to take place.