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Post 9 - Reflection and future

Facilitate access for people with hand limb-loss to the tools required to create prosthetic devices, so that they can design for themselves.


Was my intent fulfilled?


In short, not yet.


Earlier in the blog, I commented, “Using a Mouse is a task that I have definitely been taking for granted.”


Breaking this down further I’ve realised the complexity of our hands is something that we take for granted. This complexity is has proven something that I have not been able to replicate nor fully understand. Although fulfilling some criteria from my own understanding and experience, I’m yet to test concept 2 with the target audience. This user testing is where the real insights will begin to happen. Getting concept 2 to a stage that is uploadable onto an open-source community was a more difficult goal than though. I will reach this stage after some minor adjustments to concept 2.


The next stage for this project will be requesting feedback from users and iterating further. Hopefully, this concept will inspire others, especially the users to contribute to the design and take it further.

Cory Dolman