MiniPress - Drill concept with University of Technology, Sydney.   

Drill Concept

MiniPress is a drill concept with an adjustable depth setting, perpendicular drilling guidance and quick charge without separate battery charger.

I was led to Product Design through my passion for tools. This passion stemmed from my previous career in a technical trade as an electrician and my regular use of power tools. This drill concept grew from a brief given to me by UTS. I was to design a concept for a battery powered drill for Breville. I enjoyed working on this project because of the hours I have spent working as an electrician, dreaming of different ways a drill could be modified and designed. I saw a few areas that could be improved and designed the Mini Press. The Mini Press has a plunge depth of the drill to stop drilling all the way through materials, it supports people who are not too comfortable or experienced with power tools, it’s a lighter drill compared to usual power tools, does not take up much space, easy for everyday use and charges quickly.